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Nutrigal Pals – Healing in a Group Setting

To tap into the potential power of group healing I am running Nutrigal Pals, a support group for hormone health and weight loss. I hope Nutrigal Pals will be the beginning of permanent change for its members. The goal is to bring awareness of food and eating issues to members and to provide a safe space for sharing.

I know the power of a group setting because I attend an on-going peer support group that really helps me. I believe humans heal when given the opportunity to share their perceptions of reality in a safe setting – being able to share without fear of judgment or ridicule. Sometime in the past we may have been shamed, blamed, or just plain judged by a well-meaning parent, teacher, or significant other when we expressed how we felt or what we thought. As a result we learned to stuff our feelings, thoughts, and other forms of self-expression. Stuffing by using a behaviour like binge eating helps us deny our feelings. Unfortunately over the years the stuffed feelings pile up and thus the stuffing behaviour intensifies. There comes a time when we cannot live life with our destructive behaviour nor can we live without it. I’ve been at that cross roads: either I changed my life or died denying I had a problem. Joining a group where I didn’t feel judged and could share my thoughts and feelings without fear of ridicule was the best thing I ever did and the reason I’m offering this new group on Sunday mornings.Please join me if you are struggling with your relationship with food. And I encourage you to share the attached link. Together let’s break the cycle.


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